Foldcast wins the sixth edition and the Audience Award

The Lugano Congress Center hosted the Award Ceremony, marking the conclusion of the sixth edition of our acceleration program. Securing the first prize awarded by the National Jury was Foldcast, whose software for designing cardboard formwork also won the Audience Award. Cognitive Inspect claimed the second place, followed by Securified in third, SkinMind  in fourth, and WiSort in fifth. Fondazione Agire awarded its co-working desks at Tecnopolo Ticino for one year to ArchiaterRotorborne and WiSort, the latter also receiving the special prize from Hemargroup, allowing further development of its prototype.

The winners

  • Foldcast (1st place, Audience Award): Innovative software for designing prefabricated cardboard formwork, delivered to construction sites for easy assembly. This sustainable solution reduces concrete usage by 50%, providing a cost-effective and fully recyclable alternative.
  • Cognitive Inspect (2nd place): Revolutionizing industrial equipment monitoring with AI support, it identifies and prevents potential issues, minimizing downtime and enhancing efficiency and safety across production facilities.
  • Securified (3rd place): Introducing a secure data analysis system for the cloud, ensuring independence from specific security mechanisms. It can execute on any cloud or server, providing a versatile and adaptive security solution.
  • SkinMind (4th place): An app empowering patients to self-diagnose skin lesions using digital dermatoscopy. Leveraging AI algorithms, it can deliver immediate feedback, determine the need for further analysis, and monitor changes in melanocytic lesions over time.
  • WiSort (5th place, Fondazione Agire Award, Hemargroup Award): Designed an intelligent waste bin for recycling based on artificial intelligence. If waste is thrown into the wrong category, the system recognizes it and moves it to the correct container, avoiding contamination between different waste categories and improving the quality of recycling.
  • Archiater (Fondazione Agire Award): The intelligent medication dispenser capable of preparing the correct doses for the patient and monitoring their proper intake. The app also serves as a digital assistant for caregivers, reducing their workload and simplifying communication with doctors and pharmacies.
  • Rotorborne (Fondazione Agire Award): Pioneering a remotely piloted multirotor aircraft with electric motors and maximum modularity. Its design allows operators to replace modules in just 20 minutes, offering flexibility for various cargo transport needs.

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