Boldbrain targets early-stage startups and ideas from any sector, as long as they have an innovative nature and a scalable project with potential to return to the Ticino area. In order to support entrepreneurship in Ticino, criteria have been defined that must be met. It is essential to know that are eligible for Boldbrain only projects proposed by teams that:

Before submitting your application, please read the Terms & Conditions and the Roadmap carefully.


Ticino is a canton with great potential. The small size of our reality is not a limit for entrepreneurship; on the contrary, it has the great advantage of facilitating networking, bringing companies closer to institutions and renowned academic institutes, and facilitating access to funding and knowledge transfer. The small size is an opportunity that startups can leverage to the fullest, thanks to the existing ecosystem represented by the Regional Innovation System and favorable framework conditions.

Specific incentives for startups

The Office of Economic Development financially supports startups that have been accepted by Innosuisse’s startup coaching program, and those that have successfully completed other federal accelerator programs.

Tax breaks

Startups that meet the innovation requirements established by the Tax Law Regulations of the Canton of Ticino can benefit from tax incentives. Additionally, the 10 finalists of Boldbrain, if already incorporated as companies, may be eligible for tax benefits.

To facilitate access to venture capital, individuals residing in Ticino who make investments—such as purchasing shares or stocks—in startups based in the Canton, also enjoy favorable tax treatment.

Ticino is among the most attractive cantons for the birth and growth of startups and innovative ideas.


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