Definitions and meaning

What is a startup?

It is a temporary activity in search of organizational and strategic solutions that are repeatable and scalable.

It refers to ideas related to the development of new products, services, or business models.

Given the scarce resources, the activity can be easily replicated by increasing exponentially size and turnover. Otherwise, it means the ability to have very low marginal costs with potentially infinite revenues over a short period of time.

To establish a company in Ticino that creates highly qualified jobs, which has contacts with other public or private institutions in the area, and both intellectual property and research and development will be in Ticino.

Application and selection process

Who can apply?

Teams of at least two (2) individuals, promoting an innovative project that:
  • are willing to develop the project in Ticino
  • if the company has already been established, it should be not more than three (3) years old at the time of the application’s submission for Boldbrain
  • have not already completed an acceleration program according to Terms & Conditions
  • will participate with at least one team member to all mandatory events
  • submit all required documentation in English.

From the moment the applications are opened, simply fill out the application form in its entirety and submit it by pressing the “SUBMIT” button at the end of the form by the application deadline.

No, we accept ideas from all sectors, provided they are innovative by nature.

Yes. The Boldbrain program is aimed specifically at early-stage startups.

You can apply as a company provided it been established for a maximum of 3 years from the time of submission of the application to Boldbrain. (The submission date of the application via the online form is considered to be the date of submission of the application.)

You can apply once the competition is launched and registrations have opened, if you:

  • have NOT concluded: Kickstart Accelerator / Venture Kick / MassChallenge / Tenity / any any other acceleration program outside Switzerland;
  • have NOT been accepted to the Innosuisse Startup coaching, core coaching (former CTI Start-up / CTI Label);
  • have NOT been called, following the Innosuisse Innovation Council’s assessment, to take the interview to access Innosuisse’s tool on innovation projects for startups prior to market entry.

No, only one project per application.

Yes, if it meets the requirements of Terms & Conditions. Please note that if you have not been admitted, maybe you should review your project.

You can change your application as long as you have not submitted it by clicking the “submit” button at the end of the form and as long as the application period is open.

Yes, if you do not comply with the Terms & Conditions. Pay particular attention to the deadlines and mandatory participation in events, workshops, and other activities. Please refer to the roadmap and the Terms & Conditions.

Only applications that comply with the Terms & Conditions will be considered at the closing date for applications. Applications are analyzed by a number of evaluators who establish a ranking. The first 20 best projects will be admitted to the Startup Acceleration Program.

We do not provide reasons for negative outcomes because we believe that is not useful due to the large number of projects evaluated. The most frequent reasons why a project is not admitted to the program or to one of its phases are:

  • the regional impact on Canton Ticino is not very convincing
  • the team is incomplete or not very convincing
  • the idea is not convincing
  • the business model is not convincing
  • technical reasons relating to the Terms & Conditions

The acceleration program

When does the program start and finish?

Boldbrain generally begins in September and finishes in early December.

Coaching for the outline of your project, focused workshops, targeted training, as well as access to the network for the development and growth of startups in Ticino, including office space, financial aid, and exposure to investors.

Yes. Attendance is mandatory for at least one team member at events, workshops, and when you are called upon to present before juries. To find out all dates and which events and meetings include mandatory attendance, see the program roadmap.

Yes, they are organized for the 20 projects selected for the acceleration program only.

Events are held in the late afternoons and early evenings.
Workshops are organized during the day.
Coaching activities are organized in agreement with the coaches themselves.

A maximum of 20, of which only 10 will reach the final contest.

Only 5, chosen among 10 finalists.

That depends on you, on your product, on its development stage, on its feasibility, and on the effectiveness of its presentation to a live audience.

Confidentiality and Code of Conduct

How is intellectual property and confidentiality managed?

The organization is bound by confidentiality; coaches, juries and teams sign an NDA (confidentiality agreement).

We rely on your civic and common sense, and on your good manners.
Conduct that does not comply with the Boldbrain Terms & Conditions, behaviors that the Boldbrain staff consider inappropriate, unethical, or that violate the law, will not be allowed.

Being kind. Do not insult or taunt. Everyone is expected to behave professionally.
Remember that racist, sexist or offensive tones towards minorities or people with disabilities shall not be tolerated. Offense is defined as inappropriate conduct such as sexual derision, or offending sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, the presence of sexually-oriented images (public decency offense) in public places, intimidation, stalking, persecution, insistent requests for photo, video, and audio recordings, systematic disturbance of others’ activities, inappropriate physical contact, and unsolicited sexual attention. In general, all those behaviors that can cause embarrassment.