Foldcast (+ Audience Award)

Innovative software for designing prefabricated cardboard formwork, delivered to construction sites for easy assembly. This sustainable solution reduces concrete usage by 50%, providing a cost-effective and fully recyclable alternative.

Cognitive Inspect

Revolutionizing industrial equipment monitoring with AI support, it identifies and prevents potential issues, minimizing downtime and enhancing efficiency and safety across production facilities.


Introducing a secure data analysis system for the cloud, ensuring independence from specific security mechanisms. It can execute on any cloud or server, providing a versatile and adaptive security solution.


An app empowering patients to self-diagnose skin lesions using digital dermatoscopy. Leveraging AI algorithms, it can deliver immediate feedback, determine the need for further analysis, and monitor changes in melanocytic lesions over time.


Designed an intelligent waste bin for recycling based on artificial intelligence. If waste is thrown into the wrong category, the system recognizes it and moves it to the correct container, avoiding contamination between different waste categories and improving the quality of recycling.


Startup founded as a spinoff of the Institute for Research in Oncology (IOR) in Bellinzona, with the aim of developing pharmacological treatments for prostate cancer. It proposes a drug composed of bacteria that can help standard therapies work better and delay the development of severe forms of the disease.


Innovative spray for treating chronic wounds. It is the first spray formulation of a mixture of enzymes that work by cleaning the wound before subsequent treatments. Being derived from waste from the fish industry, it ensures low raw material costs and is the most cost-effective option on the market.


Digital wellbeing platform that combines psychology and gamification in daily challenges aimed at helping users live a digitally balanced life, reducing and replacing screen time and cultivating healthy habits in an engaging and motivating process.


Buoy-drone remotely manoeuvrable via a Web-App and able to maintain its position without anchor thanks to two battery-powered electric motors. It was launched in April 2022 and has already been sold and hired at more than 35 national and international events in 6 different countries.

Revozona (+ Audience Award)

It uses ozone gas – a strong oxidant capable of removing dirt and unwanted colours from fabrics – to clean the materials from which the fashion industry makes garments. Revozona equipment saves 90% of CO2 and water emissions and over 40% of energy and chemicals.


InkVivo combines natural biomaterials and 3D printing to manufacture innovative medicines. These drugs are administered locally after surgery and ensure a controlled and prolonged dosage over time, maximizing the therapeutic effect of analgesics and reducing the possibility of side effects.


The powerful computers of gamers have everything a software needs to function: space, computing power and connectivity. Now their owners will be able to make these resources available to others and be remunerated for it. Users download and install the application on their computers and in this way they can immediately start sharing the excess power, which is used when they are not playing.


It is about a global Data-Driven platform that connects the right professional skills to the best job opportunity. The artificial intelligence of Talent4gig allows you to verify the skills of candidates, while solving the needs of companies and those looking for a job. Candidates can test their skills in a playful way, and then show their achievements to attract the right companies.


It offers a modern and versatile machine for packaging products in flexible and recyclable bags. The developed technology saves time and energy during packaging and significantly reduces the space required to pack the same quantity of products compared to others machinery. At the same time, it requires limited maintenance.

Arcadia (+ Audience Award)

Arcadia selects bacteria, safe for humans and for the environment, capable of transforming demolition, mining and wood waste into useful objects of any shape, such as bio-cement blocks, bricks, tables, tiles and even houses made of recycled wood.


VoltWALL has developed xBlade, a module at the base of all its products that offer flexible solutions for solar energy storage. VoltWALL is a modular ESS, connected to the network and based on lithium cells, which guarantees lightness and ease of maintenance. It also offers a modular system that allows customers to increase kWh according to their needs.

Finar Module Tech

Finar Module Tech has patented a new technology for LED lamp for public lighting in the US, EU and China, which allows energy savings of about 20% compared to current LEDs on the market and costs less. The innovative technology is being tested with OSRAM and Henkel, world leaders in these areas.

4Devices Medical

This project aims to improve the surgical care of children with hydrocephalus, thus reducing their suffering. The invention consists of a 4D stent which, introduced into a hole at the base of the brain using a minimally invasive endoscopic technique, allows the hole to remain open over time. The stent has a 4th dimension because it changes over time from one shape to another, thanks to the capacity of the shape memory material. 4Devices Medical has patented a new technology to use shape memory materials in 3D printing, in order to obtain high resolution and complex geometries in products.


Through its virtual platforms, it helps people feel connected regardless of where they are, creating environments that combine physical and digital and capable of connecting more than 1 million people and offering interactivity to a single integrated community. It is the system for creating digital and hybrid places that respond to the need for current change.

UNIVERSUS-OS (+ Audience Award)

Universus OS represents a revolution in the field of security: it is a single Operating System, designed for the identification, verification and analysis in real time of the simultaneous compliance with all legal obligations and rules for security. By digitally mapping any work environment in 3D, you can make the objects inside it more intelligent and therefore interconnected. In this way, when certain rules are lost, Universus OS prevents the event, like a virtual “protective shield” around the worker, allowing him to continue.

ORCHESTRA (+ Audience Award)

Firefighters, medical services, civil protection and other public services, unfortunately, still work supported by old standards. Alarms are sent manually by phone, vital information is processed with pen and paper and rescue operations are managed through long chains of command. Orchestra is a platform that helps optimize work flows in emergency situations, in daily operations, and their understanding of the territory, allowing you to save time and improve their effectiveness. Rapid alarm, targeted information transfer, efficient management of activities and planning of the use of resources are just some of the key functions developed in close collaboration with the leaders of these organizations.


LocalPoint is a company that has developed a platform with which it is possible to extract and classify data automatically from a PDF. This platform is now used by several local newspapers in Switzerland, to publish the paper version of the newspaper in digital format so that reeds can be used on other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract data from a PDF.


MANO is a wireless, rechargeable, light, easy and quick to use, transportable, low consumption, ecological glove. An innovative ironing system that goes beyond the limits of traditional iron and which, with a quick and easy ironing technique, promotes a philosophy of quality of life in harmony with the rhythms of our times.


Qikle is a free app (e-wallet) that allows you to pay online and offline, quickly and safely. Just connect it to your bank account and photograph a QR code. Qikle carries out transactions based on a recently introduced European regulation. This regulation allows third parties to initiate payments using the existing banking infrastructure. Being connected to the (web) shop cart, Qikle creates a standardized and specific digital receipt for each payment provider. The app includes features such as: overview and analysis of expenses, automated expenses, (digital) loyalty cards and personalized advertising settings to receive targeted promotional offers.


To avoid using the new so-called bio-degradable plastics, in offices in events etc. you can easily go back to coffee in porcelain cups. This invention allows to wash rapidly and almost bacteriologically only with steam. For cups and mugs.


They patented an innovative window solution to integrate flexible thin film photovoltaic cells into windows blinds without compromising the design and the operation of the system. With iWin you can first protect your house from overheating in summer, reducing the energy bill and second it produces renewable electricity.

I’m Back

I’m Back® was designed to bring an innovative and for long time expected solution to the fully functional but unused analog cameras that are still in the market. I’m Back® PRO aims to transform into digital your 35mm analog camera, this version has an action camera built inside an especial designed plastic polymer housing which is mounted at the back of the body of analog photo cameras. A focusing screen is mounted inside the camera body and a mirror reflects the image to the photo camera sensor inside the device, it is possible to take pictures of the focusing screen, which is the place where the image is formed. This system enables the user to shoot photos with quality and control of the depth of field (blur behind photos) with his old 35mm cameras.


They convert the food waste stream into usable and sustainable feed ingredients through insect farming. The real challenge here is to develop a system to farm and then transform these insects in large quantities, with consistent quality and in a safe way. For this reason, TicInsect has developed an innovative automated process that allows all of the above with the optimization of workforce and substantial energy/emissions savings.


Is an innovative startup developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for manufacturing companies who want to increase their production quality and productivity while reducing the cost of non-quality. They support customers in their transition to the Industry 4.0.


It is a startup delivering chatbot solutions for hotels and hotels chains, serving guests before, during, and after their stay. By integrating with hotel official websites and the mostly used chatting apps (Facebook messenger, Whatsapp), we allow guests to book, buy extra services, and get required infos about the hotel without leaving their favourit instant messaging chat.